Boost Your Marketing Potential with an Inbound Marketing Assessment

Happy New Year 2014 – here we go! As the new year gets underway, many organizations are contemplating how best to reach their digital marketing goals for the next 12 months. Even for those with mature, well-established marketing programs, it’s a good idea to regularly assess and audit key aspects of your approach.

For many organizations, we recommend a Market Assessment which looks closely at the current landscape — competitors, market potential, gaps in traffic vis-a-vis your current or anticipated position, etc.

Here’s an outline of what we will examine together:

1. Assess potential.
We will determine how much traffic potential is available to you, and the amount of effort required to capture it as a team.

2. Assess competitive landscape.
What does the competitive landscape look like for you relative to other organizations that are targeting similar keywords, or who are serving the same/similar constituency or customer base?

3. Perform gap analysis.
We will set up tools and collecting the information we need to create a “gap analysis” that reveals how much potential traffic you are currently positioning yourself for, and where the best opportunities and gaps exist.

4. Develop custom reports.
We will create custom reports to measure progress toward our stated goals.

5. Develop initial content roadmap.
Create an initial content calendar that is aimed at addressing the findings from the keyword research and gap analysis.

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D.J. Smith is the Founder & CEO of CiV Digital. He encourages you to love your customers by creating web and mobile experiences that are part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. He has created a killer recipe for coconut milk and spinach smoothies. You can follow him and CiV Digital at @civideas on Twitter.

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