CiV Digital Team Wins Award for Work on Blood:Water Mission Website

CiV Digital has had the privilege of working with a fantastic non-profit over the last several years, Blood:Water Mission, which helps communities fight the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.  We’re thrilled that the Web Marketing Association selected the Blood:Water Mission website to be the winner of the Outstanding Website Award for 2010.

A huge amount of credit needs to go to the team at Blood:Water Mission, because the website reflects their heart, energy and vision; we’re proud too of the design and execution of the entire CiV Digital team. (We’ve known for a long time that the design of this website was special, because we’ve received so many compliments on it.)

Enhanced video analytics make video content more effective

One thing we would like to point out, however, is that this website is special for a lot of reasons that you can’t see at first glance.  Blood:Water Mission places a heavy emphasis on videos and imagery to communicate their message to donors and the public in general. We developed a custom media player that includes sophisticated integration with Google Analytics, giving the Blood:Water team valuable insight into the effectiveness of their video presentations.  This allows Blood:Water to improve their videos over time, focusing more on information that motivates visitors to donate or volunteer.

As always, please feel free to leave comments in the space below, or contact us directly if you have questions about our work with this or other clients.  Once again, congratulations to the members of our team who participated in this project, and congratulations to the team at Blood:Water Mission for the work that you do.

The focus of our most recent work with Blood:Water Mission has been the development of a custom website for them, and we were honored that our work on their website design — and the amazing work BWM does — was recognized. Over the coming months, CiV Digital will be working closely with the BWM team to make enhancements to their current site and platform, including mobile.

Stay tuned.

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