Karisimbi Partners and Kate Spade partner to bring economic stability to Rwandan village

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Good stories drive and motivate us at CiV. Today, we’re particularly proud of our friends Karisimbi Partners (KBP) who have been working for the past year with fashion brand Kate Spade on their ‘On Purpose’ project to provide work for 120 artisans in the village of Masoro, Rwanda.

The initiative is part of Kate Spade’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts according to a story on the KBP website:

“…As a company committed to expanding their corporate social responsibility impact, Kate Spade & Co identified Rwanda as the springboard for the on purpose initiative. Through this for-profit initiative, Kate Spade & Company worked with Karisimbi Business Partners to employ over 120 local artisans in Masoro, Rwanda to help establish a new business as a profitable supplier to kate spade new york, Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade.

Unlike traditional non-profit organizations or donation-based programs, KBP assisted Kate Spade & Company to create on purpose with the goal of helping empower the village of Masoro to become more economically stable. A team of Karisimbi staff dedicated 100% to the project worked closely with these artisans to provide technical skills and training in financial literacy to help them evolve their existing association into a licensed business entity. The company offers its employees a fair salary, benefits including vacation time and maternity leave, health care and national social security benefits. Karisimbi also ensured that Kate Spade & Company’s compliance and labor standards were meet to ensure compliance with global standards for working conditions…”

We are grateful to be a small part of the Karisimbi story and their transformative collaborations with Rwandan entrepreneurs and business owners. KBP has worked with more than 60 Rwandan companies since 2009.

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