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Embracing the digital life cycle

As a digital agency, we are passionate about good storytelling — helping organizations engage others in their story through quality and meaningful digital experiences. In the beginning of the project, there is great enthusiasm for creating new digital things – goal setting, design, and content creation. All eyes are fixed on launch and after the excitement dies down, it’s tempting to consider the work done and move on to other priorities.

The reality is that the work has in many ways just begun. Over the years, we have determined the process of creating and launching a digital project is around 40% of the total life cycle for most organizations. So you ask “What’s the remaining 60% of the life cycle? How does it matter to the success of my digital efforts?”

The Other 60%

We’re glad you asked. We want to answer the question by talking about the full life cycle (100%) and then hopefully the ‘other 60%’ will become clearer within that framework.

When we talk about the full digital life cycle, we are describing a more extensive and comprehensive look at all core inputs of creating, growing and maintaining digital ‘spaces’ — within an agreed set of digital marketing goals or strategy.

To help illustrate the breadth of the full life cycle, here are a few examples of the questions we explore together:

  • “How does this project solve an identified problem(s)?”
  • “How have our audience targets shifted (if they have)?”
  • “What are the metrics to help us measure success?”
  • “How does the project ‘break new ground’ for the brand story or help us reach new audiences?”
  • “What are the specific content requirements for the new project? Do we have a content or editorial plan?”
  • “What do the analytics tell us about our audience and usage?”
  • “Has analytics been tuned to help us capture the information we want to capture about the things we care about?”
  • “What is our inbound marketing plan?”

Organizations of all sizes are often so focused on building something new (e.g., web presence, mobile site or app, etc.) that other critical aspects of the digital life cycle — such as inbound marketing, analytics/data and content strategy often get short shrift. As important as the new website or app may be, it’s only one part of the overall equation. Determining what’s needed to foster and fuel the growth possible with the new project is a big part of the other 60%. Certainly the 60% may change somewhat depending on the needs of the specific client too.

One of the things we love most about what we do is the pursuit of full digital life cycle with our clients. It’s discovery, learning and storytelling but it’s also about process, data and evaluation.

VIDEO: Classic UPS Ad

We close with this classic ad which humorously reminds us launching a great product, mobile app or campaign well (e.g., on-time, on budget, innovative, cool, etc.) is important but only one part of a successful digital life cycle.

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