The journey of discovery continues

“After every matter arranged, we left the banks of St. Charles with cheers from the crowd…into unknown civilization… “

Meriwether Lewis & William Clark
May 21, 1803

So begins the journey. For Lewis and Clark what followed their celebratory sendoff in 1803 would be a series of almost unimaginable highs and lows — difficult passages through rough terrain, tense encounters with Native Americans but also breathtaking natural beauty as they forged strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie until they reach their objective – a passage to the Pacific Ocean. At the end of a long two-and-a-half-year journey, they are hailed as national heroes and their names are etched forever in the annals of human discovery and American history.

The journey seems an apt metaphor for what we are privileged to do at CiV Digital. We setoff to journey with our clients as together we plan, discover, explore and improvise — investigating what’s possible to reach the desired destination. As with most expeditions, Lewis and Clark’s would have been a disaster without partnership and teamwork — both hallmarks of any successful engagement or endeavor. We never pretend any of us are perfect and when there is a misstep, we work hard to find a way forward for the sake of the journey. There are always challenges to be faced along the way and new things to be learned.

It is in this spirit we present our new web presence. A common thread throughout is journey and we feature stories about meaningful journeys and journeyers like William Booth, Grace Hopper, Charles Lindburgh, Sir Edmund Hillary and of course, Lewis & Clark. There is much we can glean from their stories — individually and collectively — insights from their vision, their preparation, their persistence and how their lives (and the lives around them) are impacted as they seek their goal. Sometimes it is the journey itself that shapes us most.

In the end, we aim for the long view. For us it’s about relationships and learning. Helping our partners reach their goals and keep trying to reach them over the years. Journey is about the long view and journey is what motivates us. We hope you feel invited in.

So, the journey of discovery continues — won’t you join us?

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