Three Reasons I Love Working with CiV Digital

I was introduced to CiV Digital in 2008, when I needed CiV Digital’s help in taking the technology of my last company, AlumniFidelity, up to the highest level possible.  Ever since then, I have looked for ways to collaborate with CiV Digital as often as possible, most recently as the company’s Director of Digital Insights, where my role is advising clients on ways to use social media to accomplish business goals.

Here are three reasons why I love working with CiV Digital.

1.  CiV Digital focuses on approach, not technology. CiV Digital is one of the only technology companies I have encountered that has the courage to say that technology is only as good as the goals it helps accomplish. In other words, CiV Digital never begins a project with a specific set of tools in mind. Instead, we start by evaluating the business goals of each project, and then let those business goals determine the technology that is most appropriate.

2.  CiV Digital embraces data. As someone who has a background in the data analysis industry, this one is very important to me. Whenever I start working on a new marketing project for a client, I always look for ways to incorporate various types of user testing to help inform the project’s direction. For instance, if a client wants to improve its landing pages to increase the number of products sold on the website, then I’ll suggest two versions of the page to test back to back (in a split test or an A/B test) to find out which change has the best impact. Most technology firms pay lip service to the importance of this type of testing, but CiV Digital puts its money where its mouth is, and really gets behind efforts to test new web products to ensure that the client gets the most optimization for their money and time.

3.  CiV Digital’s people are generous with their time. Sometimes we can be too generous when we’re talking about options for marketing campaigns and new websites/products. Everyone here loves making businesses and nonprofits successful. This means that we end up having great discussions both internally and with clients — this helps everyone stay as sharp as can be.

I’m glad to be joining CiV Digital as the Director of Digital Insights, and if you’re a current CiV Digital customer, I look forward to introducing myself soon to explore ways I can be a resource for your organization.   And if you’re looking at CiV Digital for the first time and want to chat, I hope you’ll reach out to me at will at civdigital dotcom, or ping us on Twitter at @civideas.

Will Marlow is the Director of Digital Insights for CiV Digital.

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