Upgrading to Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Two Scenarios

If you advertise using Google AdWords, the clock is ticking. AdWords advertisers have until July 22, 2013, a little more than 30 days, to upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns. If you don’t do anything, Google will make the decision for you and it will impact the money that YOU are spending on AdWords.

As all AdWords users know, Google’s advertising platform can be a complicated system, so an automatic upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns may have a variety of impacts.

Here are two scenarios to demonstrate possible outcomes:

Scenario A:

Let’s say you have one campaign optimized to sell a very complex product that requires a huge amount of research. Since you have determined that a large number of your customers are going to be doing research on their PC, you have excluded ALL mobile traffic which you have deemed too expensive for your budget. After July 22, your budget will AUTOMATICALLY target mobile devices, so the ROI of your AdWords campaign is likely to plummet. In this scenario, all that is necessary is for us to reduce the mobile bid adjustment to a level that ensures that it gets excluded from the campaign. But if you don’t know how to do this, don’t let July 22 pass by without taking some type of proactive action — as in, contacting us :)

Scenario B:

Let’s say you have two campaigns, one that targets PCs, and one that targets mobile devices of all kinds. You have different bid prices set for each, but each targets the same geography. This type of configuration is very common because until the announcement of Enhanced Campaigns it was considered a best practice. If this describes you, then after July 22, 2013, you are likely to end up with two campaigns instead of one, and each is going to target the same geography with the same keywords. This is going to confuse your AdWords account and is likely to lead to a lower overall CTR and probably a higher CPC. It is also going to divide your data into two campaigns instead of one, despite the fact that each will be more or less identical. In this scenario, you may have a more complicated time upgrading to an Enhanced Campaign, but we can help out with a very small commitment.

If you have been putting off taking action on upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns, we hope that this blog post has nudged you in the right direction, because time is not your friend on this one.

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