Why we (heart) firepits

Why We heart Firepits


Warmer weather means more time spent in the outdoors. One of our favorite activities this time of year are evening firepits. We love the serendipity — bringing together members of our team, our friends and/or family for a night of conversation, laughter and if we’re lucky good wood smoke in your clothes and eyes.

There is something about a fire outdoors that is deeply good. Some of my most memorable conversations have happened around a roaring fire surrounded by friends (both new and old). We’ve done client kickoff meetings fireside. We’ve hashed out challenges, explored crazy ideas and everything in between. Conversation ranges wildly. Film and music to hopes and dreams to summer plans and yes, even occasionally about work. And that’s a good thing.

Brilliant minds from Cicero to C.S. Lewis have written with delightful conviction about the joys of good company by the fire. Honestly, we aren’t quite sure where we digital types fit in such an august group but we wholeheartedly echo their endorsements.

So to all partners and friends of CiV, don’t be surprised if you receive an invitation to take part in a future smartphone-free evening of flame, smoke and s’mores. Here’s hoping you can join in and (heart) firepits right along with us. More from the Blog

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