A custom Salesforce CRM and donor portal solution for CICM

Significant upgrades in the organization’s offerings for donors and benefits to HQ staff through transition to Salesforce CRM.

CICM responds to the needs of the people in central and northern India as well as three neighboring countries, and serves people through local outreach, medical care, disaster relief, training and discipleship. More than 60,000 people are treated each year at CICM’s medical care facilities.

CICM needed a partner to assist in the development of a comprehensive approach for managing donor-partner (and prospect) engagements on the web to drive donation growth and provide ongoing messaging and informational resources for CICM donor, partners and stakeholders including HQ staff. CiV Digital’s initial analysis and conversations with CICM identified the following areas of focus:

Strategy assessment & planning process allows for in-depth discovery
During one-day in-person senior staff session, we concentrated time assessing, info-gathering and planning to identify the right solution path for new CRM, new website as well as other data and integration projects.

CRM selection & integration improves donor experience
The CiV Digital team evaluated various approaches with CICM for donor/partner engagement including a new CRM and its integration with the CICM platform at multiple points. We determined together that Salesforce CRM for Nonprofits was a good fit for CICM.

Donor portal offers benefits for donors and HQ staff
Our goal was to create a Donor Portal that would allow donors to:

  • Manage their personal information
  • View giving history and manage recurring donations
  • View Sponsored Child profiles, including most recent updates
  • The Donor Portal would also need to be integrated with SalesForce and PayPal. In fact, all donations are automatically reconciled from Payflow to SalesForce, not manual data export and import.

The Give Form automatically reconciles donations to the donor’s SalesForce contact record. Also the Give Form can be edited by CICM to customize the giving options.

CICM now has a robust donor solution fully integrated with their payment gateway (Payflow), accounting software and Salesforce. Recurring gifts can be managed directly by donors via the portal; donors can also update their personal, contact or payment information, print out tax receipts and get updates on sponsored children all in one location.

CiV Digital Services

  • On-Site Planning Retreat for Senior Staff
  • Custom Salesforce CRM for Nonprofits Solution
  • CICM Salesforce Donor Portal
  • Custom Sponsorship App

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