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We are history buffs. In fact you might find us reading biographies of U.S. Presidents or volumes exploring pivotal moments from our Nation’s past. An understanding of American history seems integral to becoming an engaged participant in our republic. In response to what they sensed as a growing need, The Ashbrook Center at Ashland University created Teaching American History (TAH) which has become a leading digital educational resource for both students and educators.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Content Strategy
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • UI/UX
  • Brand Identity
  • Inbound Marketing

Beginning in 2004, CiV Digital has partnered with Ashbrook Center to provide ongoing strategic guidance and support for this flagship web property in all facets – marketing, design, development & architecture, support and advice. Over the years, Ashbrook has seen exponential growth in the popularity of Teaching American History and its presentation of thousands of original source documents from the Declaration of Independence to Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. As Ashbrook’s partner, we’ve hired voice actors to bring to life Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and designed classroom digital interactives on a range of topics as part of the ‘We the People’ initiative with the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

Other highlights of our work together include:

  • Brand & Identity
    Development of the TAH Brand & Visual Identity
  • UX & Content Strategy
    Evolution of the User Experience (UX) to Encourage Audience Engagement & Usage
  • Technical Innovation & Solutions Design
    Innovations in WordPress Multisite Content Management to Simplify Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Analysis & Growth
    Enrichment of Marketing Opportunities through Assessment of Audience, Resource Usage, and Improvements in Analytics and Data Harmonization

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”CiV Digital continues to be a valuable partner for Ashbrook — and great to work with. They are reliable, knowledgeable and innovative. They see the big picture. When push comes to shove, we know they have our backs.”

Ben Kunkel | Website Coordinator, Ashbrook Center at Ashland University
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