Rocket Launch or Roadtrip Process for Digital Strategy Metaphor
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This has to be big!

Your business or organization doesn’t consider website redesigns or new digital campaigns too often so you naturally think, “This has to be big!” All eyes are set on launch. Like a rocket launch, you only have one shot at getting it right. You have to consider all the things you think will need, all the things that might go wrong, etc. and prepare for them. This means an expensive upfront investment, a lot of what-ifs, a lot of planning and debating.

Rocket Metaphor for Digital Strategy rocket exhaust rocket exhaust rocket exhaust rocket exhaust rocket exhaust rocket exhaust rocket exhaust rocket exhaust rocket exhaust


You’re planning that epic, cross-country road trip and, before you leave, you want make sure you have everything you need for the journey. It will take time to get from start-to-finish so it’s important that you have the right vehicle, tools and accessories that provide you with a safe and enjoyable trip.

Car Metaphor for Marketing Strategy web development process car exhaust animation web development process car exhaust animation web development process car exhaust animation web development process car exhaust animation web development process car exhaust animation web development process car exhaust animation

Hey, cool rocket. How does it work?

The exterior of the rocket is grand and very impressive. The interior is equally impressive and exciting, but you have to be a rocket scientist to know how to operate and manage it.

Solar System Planet Planet Planet

Did you pack the charger?

Do you need a fuel-efficient hybrid? Or, will you need a versatile AWD SUV? Did you remember to bring the GPS? How about your smartphone charger? Oh yeah, don’t forget to renew your roadside assistance membership.

In the same way, you want to make sure you’ve considered the right platform and tools for your website.

Deciding on the exterior features of your site is only part of the process. You need to know it can accommodate design changes later on, handle spikes in user traffic, and provide useful, actionable feedback on site performance. It’s even important to consider how comfortable and easy the back-end of your website is to work with. Who will be maintaining your site? What kinds of actions will they need to perform on a daily basis? And, will they actually enjoy the site because it’s straightforward, intuitive, and flexible enough?

marketing checklist animation checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark


We have liftoff! Now what? Once your rocket is in the air, how do you know that everything is going according to plan? At this point, can you even make fixes or adjustments if it goes off-course?

Too often, website and digital platforms are left on their own once it has launched. Perhaps, there was little consideration as to how it would be managed once it goes live. Or, maybe the site is so complex that it requires a web professional to maintain it and that just wasn’t budgeted.

The website is equipped with analytics reporting so you have access to a wealth of raw data and statistics. But, what does it all mean? What does it tell you about how your website is actually performing? How can it help identify areas for course-correction or hidden opportunities that will help you reach your business goals? Even if you can interpret the analytics, do you even know if you can make any adjustments to your site as this point?

web development maze graphic digital strategy maze ball animation

Hit the Road

Driving from point A-to-B is a culmination of countless turns, braking/accelerations, lane changes, and pit stops. The significance of each of these actions may be small in comparison to the overall journey. However, you know you won’t reach your destination unless you’re constantly paying attention and making these small adjustments.

It’s during the journey that your decision to make sure you have digital platform that allows you to measure performance, make site changes, and flex with changing organizational needs really pays off.

marketing gauge marketing needle and gauge

Reach Destination

With a rocket, there’s no guarantee that you’ll reach your destination, especially once it has launched. If you make it, do you know what worked so you can replicate the launch again? And, if not, do you know what didn’t work so you don’t make the same mistakes next time? You just don’t know.

crash crash fill crash burst

Reach Destination

The reality is, the journey your business and brand takes with your website is more akin to the a road trip. There’s more to the journey than the moment you hit the road and the moment you reach your destination. It doesn’t happen overnight and it requires the right vehicle (that’s the digital platform), the right driver (that’s you), and the right road trip buddy (that’s us).

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