5 Inbound Marketing Tools We Like

Inbound marketing is a term encompassing search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, email, podcasts and basically any other way to be found online which can drive prospective clients, donors and stakeholders back to you. To make the most of your inbound marketing efforts, there are a few tools to make the job a bit easier.

Here are a few of the inbound marketing tools we like the most.


There are few tools on the market that provide as much information as the SEOmoz suite of tools. The main focus is on links and search engine competition, but the recent acquisition of Follower Wonk allows for targeted Twitter activity and greater levels of engagement.

Mail Chimp

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to drive traffic, build a loyal audience, and make more money. Mail Chimp is the main choice for the Google Analytics integration for top level reporting as well as the fact that there is no charge for your first 2,000 email subscribers.

You can also integrate the embed code with email marketing plugins, or design your own opt-in box templates if you wish. The control, reporting and low cost make this a must have for inbound marketing campaigns.

Hoot Suite

Hoot Suite is an all in one social media management hub. It shows Facebook and Twitter streams, allows you to quickly zero in on high points of social activity, schedule updates, and streamline almost all aspects of your social media activity.

There are other options on the market like Buffer App. While good, Hoot Suite is our choice for the control, scheduling and the simple as can be layout. There is simply no other social media management solution that can provide a comparable user experience.


For those who want to integrate almost all of the features mentioned in the above tools, HubSpot is our favorite option. It allows you to analyze links, find and track keywords, analyze pages, manage social media, publish landing pages, blog posts, and even set up and manage email marketing campaigns.

For mid to larger-sized campaigns, HubSpot has no clear competitor. At least, there is no product on the market that integrates so many functions in one place.

When it comes to large scale projects, we rely on HubSpot to get the highest rate of return on the work we do for our clients.

Google Analytics

No post on inbound marketing tools would be complete without mentioning Google Analytics. The huge amount of data, all for free, makes Google Analytics a must have — even when we use the other tools listed in this post.


When it comes down to it, online marketing is driven by data now more than ever. These tools all provide enough information to guide our decisions in a way that allows us to provide the best return for our clients.

D.J. Smith is the Founder & CEO of CiV Digital. He encourages you to create web and mobile experiences that are part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. He likes coconut milk and spinach smoothies. You can follow him and CiV Digital at @civideas on Twitter.

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