iPhone Apps For Dads

iPhone Apps for Dad's Christmas

With the holidays right around the corner and a newly minted iPhone 5 in stores, it is a safe bet that Apple’s latest release will be on dad’s holiday wish list. If dad wakes up Christmas morning to find that he is the proud owner of a new iPhone, he is going to need some applications to put on his new device.

What apps will he like? What are the best iPhone apps for dads? Below are seven sweet free iPhone apps for dad that he is sure to love!

1. Shazam

Have you ever been out on the town and suddenly you hear a great song? You might be in a restaurant, book store or mall, and you hear this terrific tune that you want to remember later. No problem. Fire up Shazam and let it do the work for you. It will identify the song and give you an option to buy it right on the spot, or you can tag it and come back to it later. If dad is a music lover, he will love Shazam.

2. Kindle

Just in case dad finds himself with unexpected time on his hands – waiting in line, waiting for an appointment or spending time in the “library” – with nothing to read, the Kindle app for iPhone provides an anytime, anywhere reading option. Easily access your Kindle library or personal documents sent to your Kindle email address. With the Kindle iPhone app, dad will always have something ready to read.

3. Starbucks

When dad is on the run and wants to grab a coffee, latte or mocha, the Starbucks iPhone app is the perfect tool for finding the nearest location. This app comes in handy when traveling or visiting a new part of town. The Mobile Pay feature will let dad pay for his purchase right from the app. If dad want to be social, he can share his location with the integrated Facebook and Twitter capabilities.

4. Fandango

If dad is a movie buff, then the Fandango app is right up his alley! With the Fandango app for iPhone, he can watch trailers, read reviews, find theaters and purchase tickets.

5. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn iPhone app will let dad stay connected with his professional network and keep him updated on the latest industry news. This is a terrific tool for networking and making connections – after all, your next connection may lead to your next job offer.

6. Cowbell

Everyone needs more cowbell! This fun app will let dad be the proud owner of his own cowbell – great for football games, parties or waking up the kids in the middle of the night. Just give it a shake and let the good times begin.

7. Gymboss

After grabbing coffee at Starbucks, catching a movie using Fandango and playing some cowbell, dad may be in the mood for a little exercise. The Gymboss Interval Timer app is an easy to program timer for high intensity interval training workouts and will make sure dad stays in shape.

With thousands of iPhone apps for dads to choose from, your favorite father will have plenty of options. These seven iPhone apps will give him a splendid start and provide hours of fun both professional and personal.

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