Three Reasons We Love Building e-Commerce Websites

As you may already know, we are huge advocates of e-commerce here at CiV Digital.  And there are three big reasons for this:

  1. First, we love measuring results, and e-commerce let’s you measure everything.  We can find out which specific keywords your customers are typing in to find your website, which referral websites are sending you customers, which times of day are best to advertise, and and even which browser type is favored by your customers.  At the end of the month, this information is golden in helping you decide where to invest your marketing dollars.
  2. Secondly, we love creating neat and tidy systems, and e-commerce let’s you build a “closed loop system” — a concept that deserves its own blog post.  Suffice it to say that a closed loop system is one where all data is automatically accounted for, shared with the right people, and recorded properly.  This means you don’t need to worry about human error in shipping fulfillment, bookkeeping, or anything else.  In other words, it’s neat and tidy.
  3. Thirdly, we aren’t big fans of waste. And we’re guessing you aren’t either. 🙂  OK, so this is an offshoot of both the first and second reasons, but essentially, e-commerce websites allow you to remove just about all waste from marketing your business.  Did you spend $5,000 on an advertising campaign that produced $10,000 in new sales?  Great, let’s do it again!  Are you spending five hours of staff time producing an e-newsletter that very few people read, and that generates zero sales on your website?  Get rid of it, and spend that time doing something that does generate sales.

It’s a worthwhile endeavor to invest in building an effective e-commerce website. Once it’s in place, it has the potential to provide marketing and other data to help marketers and business owners better understand their market, their customers and demand for their offerings.

D.J. Smith is the Founder & CEO of CiV Digital. He encourages you to create web and mobile experiences that are part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. He likes coconut milk and spinach smoothies. You can follow him and CiV Digital at @civideas on Twitter.

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