Three Ways Salesforce for Nonprofits Can Transform the Online Giving Experience

Last month, Forbes named Salesforce the #1 innovative company in the world. This news didn’t really surprise us, because we’ve helped a number of nonprofits transform their data management processes using Salesforce recently. As our nonprofit clients have transitioned to Salesforce from other CRMs or donor management solutions, here are some of the key benefits we’ve identified for donors and nonprofits alike:

1) Automation.
Salesforce’s nimble architecture allows donor access to easily setup recurring monthly or micropayments as well as custom applications for synchronizing transaction data with popular bookkeeping platforms such as Quickbooks — even scanning hard-copy paper checks — to give nonprofit staff the ability to have closed-loop financial transactions. All gift information, including recurring payments, are automatically reconciled back to Salesforce, no exports or imports required.

2) Customization.
Salesforce’s world-class API and cloud-based service suite gives non-profits and digital agencies near-endless flexibility to build custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of the organization. These custom donor portals, child (or project) sponsorship applications and Give page solutions are designed to meet the nonprofit’s requirements — all of which report back to and sync information with Salesforce. With support for platforms like Payflow and Mailchimp, there are an increasing number of ways to integrate leading e-mail, social and payment capabilities into Salesforce-based solutions.

3) One-Stop Access for Donors.
Leveraging the Salesforce API and an open source CMS like Drupal, we can provide donors ‘one-stop’ access to account information with built-in user account management (e.g. Forgot password, create new account etc.). Donors can update their contact and payment information directly with Salesforce. Single sign-on access to donation history/statements for tax purposes and recurring donations are all core features of a new Salesforce-based donor portal.

Not only do these solutions simplify aspects of the giving process for the donor, they are a win for HQ staff requiring fewer steps to make changes to a donor record, track number of individuals or projects sponsored or access key reports.

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