Tweetalist’s Analysis of Presidential Candidates’ Twitter Rankings featured in The Hill magazine

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On October 31st, The Hill magazine published Study: Twitter users add Obama to more lists than Romney in it’s Twitter Room feature. The study was conducted by the folks over at Advocacy Media using our Tweetalist Twitter app to assess Twitter influence of Presidential Candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Created by CiV Digital, Tweetalist is the only Twitter app that leverages public lists to reveal the most influential Twitterers. Tweetalist uses ‘face-offs’ an entertaining way to match two Twitterers and see who is more influence based on public lists which are often more accurate since their creation is harder to automate.

From The Hill article:

“…In this case, Obama’s influence on Twitter still trumps Romney’s, whether measured through followers or lists. The president has 178,641 public lists following his official Twitter handle, while Romney has 12,773, Advocacy Media found. The combined number of users following those lists gives Obama an even greater lead on the GOP nominee, with 1,680,596 to 8,302 public list followers…”

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