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The Next Step for Your Brand: Take a Selfie

Updated: May 5, 2023

Growing your organization starts with making space to be curious about who you are & what you're doing now.

Ok, not this kind of selfie but how can we look at us - our brand, our people, our impact - in a fresh way?

Has your business hit a crossroads?

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to your branding and digital strategy?

Could your business be doing more? We've been there and we get it!

Meet our 'Take a Selfie' service! Through in-depth conversation and brand discovery, we will help you create the space you need to gain a fresh perspective on your business and identify areas for digital growth.

Table of Contents

What is the Take a Selfie service?

Take a Selfie is a novel approach to brand growth that creates a snapshot of who you are and where you are as an organization -- your identity, mission, history, and goals. As we like to say, 'we'll take a step back to make a leap forward.'

It consists of four parts:

1) Initial Diagnostic & Workshop This is an initial kickoff conversation or workshop where we get to know your organization, meet with key staff, delve into history, and identify growth opportunities and challenges.

While the workshop works best in person, it can be conducted over Zoom, or in some combination. While the workshop draws from a proven framework, the format can be customized to address specific questions or topics.

2) Review Current State Together, we will review & analyze current business & communications systems including ‘structural’ processes, like:

  • Goal setting

  • Communication methods & channels (internal & external)

  • Engagement & retention of customers or donors

  • Decision making

  • Systems & processes

  • Measuring success

  • Connecting digital efforts to the larger mission

  • Ongoing measurement & optimization

3) Branding, Logo & Website Together, we review your current branding efforts, including storytelling, visual branding including logo, print materials, ads, & website. Why? Our purpose in reviewing branding efforts is to apply what we are learning together in Steps 1 and 2 and identify specific projects or initiatives, if any, which support the

4) Next Steps The CiV team will compile what we've heard from our time together into the 'Selfie' and make recommendations for the next steps in your digital growth plan:

  • Brand Refresh

  • Website Refresh

  • Performance Marketing Optimization (SEO/SEM)

  • Content Strategy

  • Brand Extensions

  • Partnerships or Collaborations

  • Other areas as needed

CiV Digital Take a Selfie: Colleagues discussing branding

How do I know if the Take a Selfie service is a fit for our organization? Here are four questions to consider.

As you explore whether the Take a Selfie service is right for your organization, here are 4 questions to consider:

1) Is your organization facing a specific crossroads (e.g., new product, leadership change, turnover, expansion plans, etc)?

2) Are you open to learning more about yourselves as an organization to fulfill your mission in new ways?

3) Do you need clarity about the impact of your current branding and digital efforts?

4) Do you want deeper connections with customers, donors, fans, and within your team?

If you can answer 'Yes' to any one (or more) of these four questions, then 'Take a Selfie' is likely to be a good fit for your organization.

The 'Take a Selfie' service from CiV Digital is an in-depth, collaborative assessment process that can give you valuable insights into the health and digital potential of your brand as you navigate important crossroads.

What are the specific benefits of the Take a Selfie service?

Naturally, each organization will bring its own unique needs and questions to the process. There is a range of useful things your organization can take away from the 'Take a Selfie' process - e.g., a greater sense of mission, renewed clarity on where systems or processes may be needed to support the health and growth of the organization, a roadmap for digital growth, etc.

Three common threads flow through the feedback we've been given over the years as to the value of the Take a Selfie service:

  1. You will gain fresh perspective on your team, business & brand,

  2. You will gain insight into specific growth opportunities and challenges to that growth; and,

  3. You will receive an actionable digital growth plan with recommendations and clear next steps.

A closer look: Other growth benefits to Take a Selfie

Uncover hidden growth potential in your brand.

Find new ways to reach customers & expand revenue.

Transform the way you see yourself and your business.

Ignite your curiosity and creativity

Build confidence in your brand's future.

​Strengthen your relationship with your team, partners & customers.

What if I want to go deeper into a specific area, like storytelling or performance marketing (SEO/SEM)?

While the 'Take a Selfie' service follows a consistent format, there is always flexibility to customize the process to address specific areas of interest, such as brand refresh, storytelling, website redesign, or performance marketing (SEO/SEM).

For example, our Digital Growth Navigator is one of our more popular services and is often integrated into the flow of the 'Selfie' process.

How do we get started?

Like all great relationships, it starts with a conversation. 30-Minute Kickoff Call is a no-cost, no-obligation to get to know one another, ask some questions, and explore ways the 'Selfie' service can help your organization grow and fulfill your mission. You can always contact our team here.


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