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Kansas City Business Partnerships, Branding, Web Design, Digital Strategy

Say hello to CiV Digital growth:
Better visibility for your brand.
Better platform for your story.

CiV Digital is a full-service web design, branding, and digital marketing agency based in Kansas City and Washington D.C. We help SMBs, non-profits, and entrepreneurs improve their visibility and multiply their impact. How? By finding untapped potential within each brand to develop more engaging stories, and create deeper connections with the people & markets they serve.

Our secret sauce.

CiV Digital is a different kind of digital marketing & design agency.  We focus on helping brands uncover & tap their hidden potential through a process of curiosity & exploration.  Our secret sauce is brand depth: helping companies & non-profits unleash the power of knowing themselves better leading to lasting impact.  

Together, we push through the obvious answer to craft strategies that create meaningful alignment & impact. How? Asking thought-provoking questions and making space to learn from each other.  End result? Brands that grow deeper and stronger over the long haul. Plus, websites & digital marketing campaigns optimized for measurable results while embodying the best of who you are and what you do.  

We love to build amazing things with people like you!

At CiV Digital, we're focused on getting to know you - we start by asking questions, learning about your brand, mission, and your people. What has worked in the past and what hasn't. Not every engagement can take advantage of the 'deep dive' exploration - we get it - sometimes you just need a web design refresh or a review of your AdWords accountOn average, though, 30-40% of a project is spent upfront listening to you and exploring together what your organization hopes to accomplish. Then we roll up our collective sleeves and create new branding, web redesign or new digital marketing campaign.

We're on the journey with you.

Consider us your loyal advocate. Whether we provide coaching, web design, video, branding, or our signature Take a Selfie service, we're with you every step of the way. We got you. We craft solutions and identify opportunities for alignment, growth, and optimization. We also equip you for measurable growth and meaningful partnerships.
 +Add your goal.

Celebrating a few of the greatest hits

Our clients & their work are the stars of the show. And we've been privileged to be part of some amazing stories.  Here are a few highlights:

Unified U.S. digital strategy for one of the world's leading engineering and construction firms
Digital strategy & custom campaign platform for a $50MM international human rights NGO
Customer service data platform for leading automakers
Election night results portal for the White House
Partnered with more than 20 startup businesses and social enterprises, including several 'back of a napkin' launches
A fine dining menu design for  a Conde Nast Traveler Top 20 restaurant selection in DC's historic Georgetown

Meet The Team

DJ Smith - Founder & CEO, CiV Digital.png



Bit of a smoothie-king.

D.J. Smith

Founder & CEO

A digital strategist with 15 years experience, D.J. Smith helps organizations solve business problems through digital storytelling and brand discovery. Developing an approach that serves large and small organizations alike, his clients have included Fortune 50 companies, the White House, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Cabinet-level agencies, and leading NGOs.

A relational cultivator at heart, D.J. works at the intersection of people, ideas & resources for the common good. With a focus on building brands digitally, he has helped numerous organizations, products and entrepreneurs ‘clear the launch pad’ with clarity, greater market share and a reinvigorated sense of purpose.

D.J. launched CiV Digital after stints in PR, venture-funded startups and pioneering digital initiatives in the United States Congress.


An intrepid food explorer (mostly!), you'll often find D.J. experimenting in the kitchen. He will gladly share his latest smoothie recipe. You only have to ask.

Will Marlow, Director of Digital Insights, Google Certified Agency

Data Wrestler.

Actual (College) Wrestler.


Will Marlow

Director of Digital Insights

Will Marlow is the Director of Digital Insights for CiV Digital. In this role, Marlow serves as an adviser to clients on leveraging performance marketing (SEO/SEM), and social media platforms to achieve business goals & build brand. He helps clients get targeted visibility for their businesses, websites, products and ideas. Will is Google-certified in Analytics and AdWords. He also has certifications for Bing and Yahoo!

Before joining CiV Digital, Will was the Director of Communications for a venture capital-backed software company in Northern Virginia. He also co-founded AlumniFidelity, which helps universities and private secondary schools use social media-based tools to identify new donors.

Amy Davis, Senior Developer



Beach lover.

Amy Davis

Senior Developer

Amy Davis has 14 years experience in front-end and CMS theme development across multiple industry-standard platforms including WordPress, among others.

She specializes in building beautiful, functional, speedy, and easily editable websites for CiV Digital clients.

Ryan Scott, Lead Animator & Film Maker


On-brand = On-mission.

Secret Voice Artist.

Ryan Scott

Lead Animator & Filmmaker

Ryan Scott is an animator and filmmaker with more than 15 years experience creating branded content for the big and small screen.

He routinely helps CiV Digital clients create deeper connections through compelling video and animation presentations -- helping them explain their offerings and mission.

Jennifer Hansen, Partnerships & PR

​Capital Connector.


PR Gal.

Jeni Hansen

Partnerships & PR

Jeni is a strategic visionary specializing in stakeholder engagement and other strategies for business growth, impact, and sustainability.
Drawing from her experience as an educator, consultant, writer, editor, critic, event strategist, and board chairwoman, Jeni has successfully advised entrepreneurs, CEOs, small businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations. ​

Matt Oleksowitz, Senior Technical Lead

Drone pilot.

Mountain climber.

Automation evangelist.

Matt Oleksowitz

Senior Technical Lead

Matt specializes in the latest cloud technologies and observability blending a multitude of backgrounds including Software Development, Systems Administration, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineering,


He uses his broad knowledge of infrastructure, full stack development, and serverless computing to keep sites and services properly maintained, reliable, and resilient.


Convener & re-framer.

Kansas native.

Community maker.

Jeanette Thomas (JT)

Principal, Strategy & Coaching

Jeanette (JT) has 25 years of leadership and coaching experience in the context of community development, fundraising, and global microenterprise. She’s a gifted facilitator whose contributions uniquely shine in pioneering work and guiding clients inside (and through) the fray of complex systems and crossroads.  

JT’s at her best when she’s unearthing potential and facilitating flow inside one of our 2-Day Workshops, Take a Selfie, or Monthly Engagements -- reframing problems through good questions and helping the best ideas win for your organization.

Colin Gill, Creative & UX Lead

Music lover.


Pixel arranger.

Colin Gill

Creative & UX Lead

Colin Gill is an art director in every sense of the word guiding our clients through the design and creative process to create effective, elegant business solutions and support digital storytelling.


A skilled UX designer and artist, he brings together branding, visuals and information into a cohesive experience.  ​


Here are a few highlights of what we've been doing since Beyonce's"'Irreplaceable'  was top of the charts and Twitter was brand new (like us)!

What we've been up to since 2006









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