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relaunch your brand into the world


What good is digital strategy that doesn't move your business forward?

At CiV Digital, we blend strategy  brand development  web design  performance marketing (SEO/SEM) to help you solve real business challenges - like finding more customers or donors - or deepening  your relationships with the ones you already have. 
Here’s a quick overview of the services we provide:

Strategy & Assessment
Brand Discovery & Development
Web Design & UX
Performance Marketing (SEO/SEM)
Custom Video & Animation
Coaching & Consultation
Website Care & Technical Support


CiV Digital offers a range of branding services:


Web Design / UX

Our team of expert web / UX designers, and developers create platforms to tell your story in a compelling way - creating valuable marketing assets for your business.

SEO & SEM Services, Performance Marketing, Google AdWord Grants for Nonprofits

Performance Marketing 

Our Google-certified experts provide initial assessments and ongoing campaign support & analysis to raise your visibility using SEO, SEM & social media.

Video & Animation

Our Video & Animation team create custom animations that explain your product or service - or - concepts, like your process or approach, while inviting your audience to journey along with you.

Assessments & Strategy

Our range of in-depth assessments & strategy services include:

Coaching & Partnerships, Digital Storytelling, SEO, Analytics, Digital Growth Workshops


Our experts offer customizable
in-person or virtual coaching on:


  • Digital Storytelling

  • SEO, Analytics & Google AdGrants

  • 1-2 day Digital Growth Workshops

"Innovative, creative and supportive. These three words describe how we feel about CiV's work with us: redesigning our logo & branding to helping us think through digital storytelling & marketing."

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