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Creating a custom animation for Evenhand's Auto Valuation service

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Selling or trading-in a used car can be a frustrating process. Figuring out what your car is actually worth is one of the most challenging parts of the transaction. Evenhand was created to give you the information you need to make a good decision and not leave money on the table.

Table of Contents

Identifying the Problem: How Can I Know What My Car is Worth?

If you’ve ever had to sell your car or negotiate a trade-in at the dealer, you know first hand how challenging and even frustrating it can be. How do you know you are getting a fair price for your car?

Explaining the Solution: The Everhand Evaluation

Denver-based Evenhand's experience in all aspects of buying and selling automobiles after decades in the retail side of the business identified a gap in the market. Their solution is a simple one — certified inspectors provide a detailed evaluation of your car providing information you need to get a fair trade-in value at the dealer or sales price if you are selling your vehicle. The final report, The Evenhand Evaluation, combines data from the inspection with local market data, industry pricing indicators and a CARFAX report to give car owners the tools they need to understand their car’s value as they enter a negotiation.

Bringing it All Together: Our Storytelling Approach

The team at Evenhand asked CiV to create an animation which helped tell the story of the current challenges with the sell or trade-in process as well as outline the Evenhand Evaluation service. Our team worked with their marketing group to develop an animation which tied these two aspects of the Evenhand story and branding into one short presentation.

From initial script development to storyboards, the CiV team developed a custom animation which took a somewhat complex and multi-faceted consumer challenge and made it accessible in a few seconds of screen time.


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