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Nonprofit Digital Strategy & Web Design for International Justice Mission (IJM)

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

CiV Digital collaborated with International Justice Mission on a series of digital projects including two editions of its main web presence, a custom mobile site and several campaign-specific initiatives.

Highlights of our work with IJM include:

  • Analysis & Assessment of Existing Website. End-to-end review of previous web presence to include marketing, workflow, design and technical needs assessment.

  • Digital Strategy & Consultation. In-depth departmental consultations with International Justice Mission to assess priorities and create overall plan for new web presence.

  • Visual Web Design (UX). New visual design & user experience (UX) to better highlight stories of impact and sync with new branding guidelines.

  • Digital Style Guide. Digital Style Guide to outline typography, image treatments and other key elements of International Justice Mission’s digital presentation.

  • Content Strategy. Identified Core Page Elements, content priorities and developed storytelling emphasis on defining the problem and outlining the solutions IJM provides.

  • Major CMS Upgrade. Comprehensive overhaul of the Drupal CMS simplifying site maintenance & improving workflow.

  • Custom Mobile Site. Created custom mobile experience for smartphones and tablets.

  • Inbound Marketing/AdWords Grant. Managed and optimized Google AdWords Grant campaigns. Conducted keyword analysis.

  • Minisites to Support Specific Initiatives Created custom minisites to support IJM-branded outreach campaigns Stand for Freedom and Five Weeks for Freedom Bike Tour

Services provided to IJM

​Web Design (UX)

​Performance Marketing (SEO/SEM)

​Front End Development

Google AdWords Grant Optimization

​Blackbaud Integration

​Keyword Analysis

​Content Strategy


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