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Three Questions with RSFF’s Sue Pyke

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Three Questions is a blog series from CiV Digital. In these brief conversations, we celebrate the ideas, passions and motivations behind the incredible work our clients are doing.

Welcome to Three Questions. We recently sat down with Sue Pyke, Associate Director of Rancho Santa Fe Foundation. Sue kindly shared her thoughts about the foundation’s mission and objectives.

1. What three words would you use to describe RSFF?

Integrity. Community. Impact.

2. How will Rancho Santa Fe Foundation change the world? We make it possible for our donors to put their vision for a better world into action that changes lives. When our donors give strategically from their charitable funds, they make a significant impact on education, health, environmental issues and many other areas. When our donors also give collaboratively through the Community Impact Fund, we can address community needs with greater impact than most donors can achieve individually. The generous, purposeful philanthropy of donors at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation can change the world.

3. What do you love most about what you do?

I am inspired by the work of many nonprofits in the San Diego community. I like to tell the stories of innovative programs that serve transitioning military families, human trafficking survivors or rescued animals, among others. Increasingly, we are seeing collaboration among organizations to more effectively meet needs throughout our community.

The Thyme Together food truck provides nutritious meals and socialization opportunities for vulnerable seniors in our local communities. Another nonprofit organizes volunteers to pick the unwanted produce on backyard fruit trees that would otherwise go to waste.

They deliver it to the San Diego Food Bank, and fresh oranges can be in the hands of people who need them within a couple of days. I love working for a foundation that helps to support and sustain the best of these types of innovative, collaborative programs.


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