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More clarity.

More impact.

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Heart, We love working with brands like yours!

We've been busy building amazing brands like yours.

Great brand stories shape how we see the world and our place in it. We feel really blessed to help our clients 'clear the launch pad' with greater visibility & market share.
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Say hello to next level impact.

You don't have to do it alone.

Let's face it: identifying problems and solving them is harder than it seems. Crossroads are complicated - they ask us to navigate competing forces and options.

They reveal not only what we don't know, but also the gaps in what we thought we knew already.

And we're left puzzling over the best routes to impact.

Our workshops dig deep
into your story

Our process of in-depth conversation & brand discovery creates space to gain fresh perspective, identifying the best areas for strategic growth and brand impact. We call it Take a Selfie.  It all starts with curiosity around good questions.
Let's get started. 


Our growth strategies lead to
measurable impact.


You can never have the right answer to the wrong question. Everything hinges on measuring the right things. Our Digital Navigator provides your team with essential context, by mapping your current place in the market. After this, we look at your company's growth trends & current metrics to  
fine-tune and align your approach, optimizing for impact.

Our strategy and brand consultation guides you through implementation.

After curiosity around good questions, analyzing your data, and mapping the marketplace, it's time to pull it all together.
Our branding solutions include core messaging, brand refresh, marketing campaign, and digital products. Our ongoing strategic coaching guides you through implementation in a dynamic marketplace, ensuring you're on-track for the
scale and impact you're meant to have.

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Together, we can tell a better story | CiV Digital

Better stories.
Greater impact. 
Stronger connections.

At CiV Digital, we make brands even stronger.
How? With our unique four-part blend of services & know-how: strategy brand development web design performance marketing (SEO/SEM).


Our process begins with an in-depth assessment such as our Digital Growth Navigator service, which helps gain insight into your position in the market, and identify goals, and develop impactful plans. 


A strong, well-defined brand is essential for any business or organization. We offer our signature Take a Selfie service to help brands cultivate curiosity, align their purpose & practices, and deepen connections inside, and outside your organization.  

Web Design &


Our expert team of web designers, developers & animators create a platform to tell your story in a compelling way, transforming it into a valuable marketing tool for your business.

Performance Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Our Google-certified experts provide assessments, coaching, ongoing campaign support and analysis to raise your visibility using SEO, SEM & social media. We offer consulting on Google AdWords Grants for Nonprofits.

Box of Stars: Strategy is where we start, curiosity & questions.
Branding & Logo Design | Kansas City Digital Marketing Agency
Web Design / UX & Storytelling in Kansas City
Digital Marketing Agency Performance Graph | SEO, SEM

"CIV provided us with a creative solution which helped unify branding for our U.S. businesses. The CIV team was responsive to our changing requirements, establishing a strong digital profile..."

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"CIV provided us with a creative solution which helped unify branding for our U.S. businesses. The CIV team was responsive to our changing requirements, establishing a strong digital profile for one of the world's largest construction & civil engineering firms."

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