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5 Inbound Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

For many businesses today, knowing how to market their products or services to customers is more important than ever. With more and more competitors, along with many new marketing options available thanks to social media and other online venues, knowing which inbound marketing tools to use can be a tough decision.

Finding new customers (and making them happy!) means using the best tools you can find and a process that fits your brand

By taking the time to analyze your business and the best marketing strategies to use, you’ll soon find success against your competitors.

To learn more, here are five of the best inbound marketing tools you should be using for your business.

1. HubSpot One of the most popular inbound marketing tools today, HubSpot utilizes software that serves a variety of important business functions. Among these are:

  1. Analytics

  2. Lead Generation

  3. Email notifications

  4. Customer support

By using these various functions within your business, it’s possible to connect with many more customers. | Explore HubSpot

Here’s a look at a range of inbound marketing tools:

2. HootSuite Great for launching social media marketing campaigns, HootSuite is able to track the results of various marketing campaigns, spot industry trends, and allow business owners to adjust their strategies accordingly. By doing so, users can collaborate with customers and colleagues on almost any social media site, which often leads to new and innovative ideas. | Explore HootSuite

3. AgoraPulse A competitor to HootSuite, AgoraPulse feels in some respects like the next evolution platform for launching and managing social media marketing campaigns. Used by major brands like Pepsi and Volkswagen, AgoraPulse offers customizable reports, social content calendars and a series of features for agencies and organizations alike. | Explore AgoraPulse

4. Majestic One of the most popular inbound marketing tools in use today, Majestic utilizes various analytics to examine such factors as keyword difficulty, rank tracking, search volumes, and organic traffic data. By being able to generate reports of inbound leads and sales, Majestic SEO plays an important role in helping businesses decide which marketing strategies are working with customers and which ones are not. | Explore Majestic SEO

5. Rebrandly A link management tool used extensively for inbound marketing purposes, Rebrandly improves brand visibility by creating links featuring your brand name. By doing so, the use of branded links has been known to increase leads and sales by as much as 39 percent (measured in clickthrough rate or CTR source: Rebrandly), making it a very effective tool to not only increase profits, but also eliminate your emails from being labeled as spam by recipients. | Explore Rebrandly

Whether using one of these or building your own inbound marketing suite, there is little doubt that they can all play a key role in helping organizations of all sizes and within all industries achieve their goals.

About D.J. D.J. Smith is the Founder of CiV Digital. He’s been in the digital space since gopher sites were actually a thing and writes regularly on digital brand care and strategy. An intrepid (well, kinda) food explorer, he is happy to share his recipe for his infamous spinach, almond butter & coconut milk smoothies.


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