We Liberate

(verb) to give liberty to; make free

We free you from the common ways of doing business on the web, partner with you to break free from the old vendor/client model, and inject an invigorating passion into helping you make a difference.

We Imagine

(verb) to think; suppose; conjecture.

Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Whether you’re at point A, point B, or wondering how to take your cause into a new place unknown, we provide the creative catalyst to help rethink how you do what you do.

We Delight

(verb) a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture.

Our aim is to build lasting partnerships to create meaningful experiences that offer beauty, inspire passion, create conversation and foster action that will widen our perspectives and make our communities better places to live in.

We Build

(verb) to form something by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create.

CiV Digital is a virtual collective of top-notch designers, marketers, storytellers and developers with 45 years of combined experience in various industries, cultures and markets that will turn your vision into an elegant and impactful solution.

We Consider

(verb) to think carefully about, especially in order to make a decision about; contemplate; reflect on

We take the necessary time to listen with the intent to understand, not to give you a pre-packaged solution from our back pocket. Every story presents unique ways it can be presented and experienced. Our first step is to understand the life, potential and purpose within each one.

We Strengthen

(verb) to make or become stronger

We believe there is a freedom that comes with knowing that the agency you hire believes in your mission and will work with you the way we’d want to be treated if we were in your shoes. We view every client as a potential partner and an opportunity to strengthen and be strengthened.

Rocket Launch or Roadtrip?

How to Get from Point A to Point B: Rocket Launch or Roadtrip?

What's in a Name

So, what does CiV stand for anyway? We're glad you asked.

CiV Digital began as Capital Idea Ventures in 2001. From the beginning, the vision of our founder D.J. Smith has been to connect ideas with capital. The phrase ‘Capital Idea’ is a play on words - we were founded in the Nation’s Capital and at the same time, we aim to leverage different kinds of capital — creative and relational, among others — to bring good ideas to light by marrying in-depth strategy and thoughtful storytelling with digital technology.

In the 18+ years since we began, we’ve been blessed to meet amazing people, be part of some incredible stories, and literally travel around the world to be part of them. We are committed to these journeys with our clients — connecting ideas and capital to bring good stories to life and in the process, move all of us to feel more connected and implicated in the flourishing of our neighbors and communities.


D.J. Smith

Founder & President, Chief Storyteller

D.J.’s passion for storytelling began during his high school days when he completed an American History project with a really bulky VHS camera. Luckily, his teacher accepted the video cassette and the rest is, if you will pardon the pun, history.

He began his digital career crafting ‘gopher’ sites for members of the U.S. Congress in the early pre-Web 1990s. While serving in the Leadership offices, D.J. led and advised teams that built key components of the Digital Congress Initiative – making Congressional roll call votes available online to the public, and the THOMAS database of legislation at the Library of Congress. In addition, he advised communications directors in the European Parliament, Asia and Latin America on digital communications best practices for national government.

At global PR firm Burson-Marsteller, D.J. created and managed a line of services and digital public affairs platform which generated millions in revenue and served 20 of the Fortune 50. He also served as digital lead on client accounts in the software, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, non-profit and transportation sectors.

He then worked for venture-backed (Charles River Ventures, Bessemer, Sigma), where as Director of Product Management, he was responsible for an online platform rated by Forbes Magazine as the top online source of political information in 2001. Since then, he has been involved with numerous startups and web services including AlumniFidelity, Tweetalist, Techmatcher, Richcraft Jeans, Fittd and World Politics Review.

Launching CiV Digital in 2001, D.J. and his team have provided digital communications and branding solutions to a range of clients including Fortune 500, non-profit, government, and startup sectors.

He also invests significant time and energy in social good projects and serves as advisor to several non-profit organizations including Music Health Alliance and NY WEB Center, a school-based incubator in New York City which employs hip hop media to create educational opportunity for inner-city youth in Crown Heights/Brooklyn. D.J. also serves on the boards of Nashville-based organizations Lwala Community Alliance and Free for Life International.

Will Marlow

Inbound Marketing Lead, Digital Brand Whisperer

Will Marlow is the Director of Digital Insights for CiV Digital. In this role, Marlow serves as an adviser to clients on leveraging inbound marketing, social media platforms to achieve business goals and build brand. He helps clients get targeted visibility for their businesses, websites, products and ideas. Will is Google-certified in Analytics and AdWords as well as Photography for Google Local. He also has certifications for Bing and Yahoo!

Before joining CiV Digital, Will was the Director of Communications for a venture capital-backed software company in Northern Virginia. He also co-founded AlumniFidelity, which helps universities and private secondary schools use social media-based tools to identify new donors.

Will is a proud graduate of William & Mary.

Amy Davis

Project Lead

Amy Davis has 14 years experience in front-end and CMS theme development.

She specializes in building beautiful, functional, speedy, and easily editable websites for our clients.

CiV Digital

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